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India manufacturing upsurge

According to Taiwan media reports, in 2014, India's gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 7.3%, and China's gap narrowed to 0.1%; In the first quarter of this year, India's economic growth strong, 7.5% of the GDP growth beyond 7% in the same period of china. International Monetary Fund (IMF) expected that in 2015, India's economic growth will be more
than it in China.

For the comparison of China and India, Harvard Business School professor PalepuKrishna who from India and research the development of emerging markets said that “Now many people are concerned about whether the economic growth in India will catch China, but I think there is a certain deceptive, Because the base of India itself is much lower than China, so there is still a big gap. Of
course, the attraction of India is that, if you come to India now, you can experience a rapid growth process like China's past 20 years.”

Tariff may be the fuse

For a long time, India has been looking for the huge number of cheap labor can make the country become the next manufacturing engine in the world behind China, but India's ambitions are subject to poor infrastructure and complex labor regulations. However, Foxconn said the company saw a huge potential in India to build Chinese style plant facilities.These will be a great boost to India's prime minister Narendra Modi’s“Made in India”.

In fact, from the beginning of last year, Modi also increased attention to the manufacturing sector, and hope that the tariff and other ways to encourage foreign manufacturers to set up factories in the local, improve the employment rate of local people. Since March this year, the India government will shift the import tax rate from 6% to 12.5% to encourage the domestic industry in the ground, which directly led the brand manufacturers to increase product prices.

But the overall tariff increase for the product profit or have a greater impact. In the local production and assembly and trade in the way of imports, the difference between the two kinds of tax rates can reach 10% or even higher.

So Long Asia Manufacture assist Indian guest successfully established hot pressing machine workshop in Oct 2015, and work with Jinsong automation equipment, Roche automatic lathe, achieves
the requirements of the production scale and efficiency of the customer.

Due to customer confidentiality agreement, only show some of the picture of production workshop.












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