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Thailand Market


     It is reported in Thailand's World Daily,on May,13, that in Thailand the technology of mould had to be imported from aboard.With the rapid development of modern industry,the standard of mould industry can no longer meet the needs of market. According to the information in 2004, the profit from the imported mould products rose up to 25 billion THB, by10-20% a year. However, since the project of the improvement of mould industry was conducted, the profit of imported mould products has decreased, to 21 billion THB in 2009.If the Ministry of Industry had not carried out the project of development, it's believed that the volume imports of mould would reach over 35 billion THB.
    At this juncture, the Forging Press Works and the Researching Center of Plastics under the Long Asia Manufacturing has opened up the market in Thailand successfully.
   To meet the requirements of Thai guests, we have helped to set up the workshops in Hongchong.
     It's required by the security regulations, only a few photos are shown here.




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