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The opening of the 122nd Canton Fair was over 25 thousand domestic and foreign exhibitors


In October 15th, the 122nd China Import and Export Fair was opened in Guangzhou. Fair spokesman, deputy director of China foreign trade center Xu Bing introduction, the 122nd session of the Canton Fair held in 3 phases, the total exhibition area of 1 million 185 thousand square meters, a total of 60466 booths, 25049 domestic and foreign exhibitors home. The Canton Fair to set up the pavilion in the first, third period, a total of 620 companies from 33 countries and regions participating, including "The Belt and Road along the country's participating enterprises accounted for about 60%.

Xu Bing introduced, since this year the global trade recovery, China's foreign trade is to stabilize. According to customs statistics, in the first three quarters, the total import and export value of China's goods trade was 20 trillion and 290 billion yuan, an increase of 16.6% over the same period last year. As a "vane" of China's foreign trade, the trend of China's foreign trade has also been reflected in the Canton Fair related data. Canton news center data show that since the 119th session of the Canton Fair overseas buyers to achieve incremental number, number of overseas buyers has achieved 3 consecutive growth, the number of domestic and foreign exhibitors from the beginning of the 119th session has achieved 4 consecutive growth. It is expected that there will be buyers from more than 210 countries and regions in the Canton Fair, and the number of purchasers will steadily increase year by year.
In this session of the Canton Fair Pavilion, there will be 341 companies from the 17 "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions of the exhibitors, booth number 583, respectively 55% and 59.3% of the pavilion, the pavilion covers all 6 products, exhibitors accounted for 60%. Among them, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand and other 6 countries to form national pavilion exhibitors.
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