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China Forging Association won the twenty-first session of the international free forging Conference


In September 11, 2017, the Graz Convention Center in Austria (Congress Graz) held the twentieth session of the International Conference on free forging, Chinese formally joined the agency meetings, and won the twenty-first session of the international conference organized by the right of free forging. It was decided that the international free forging heavy forgings conference will be held in 2020 in china!

Zhang, Secretary General of the China Association of forging and stamping, made a keynote speech at the conference on behalf of China's free forging large forgings industry. He said that the production capacity of heavy forgings was one of the measuring standards of a country's manufacturing capacity! After nearly 70 years, especially in the past 30 years, great progress has been made in the production of heavy forgings in china! We already own 25 tons of hydraulic machines above 10000 tons, almost 1/2 of the sum of other countries. Our industry has been weak and the world of communication, is our industry of world industry limited contribution and participation less were excluded! Therefore, it has not been understood and accepted by the world's heavy forging industry. From 2006 onwards, Chinese Forging Association in the fight for the right to speak and their rightful place in the world, and actively promote the industry to enter the world Chinese large forging forging industry, hoping to get the world large forging industry respect and attention, also hope that through the world large forgings industry can get including domestic and foreign customers trust and recognition!
International Conference on free forging
The international free forging conference, held every three years, has been successfully held for the nineteen time. It is one of the most influential conferences in the global forging industry. The twentieth session of the Austria Institute of metallurgy and materials (ASMET) host, will be held September 11, 2017 ~14 in Austria Graz Convention Center (Congress Graz) held a meeting, will introduce the development situation, the forging industry all over the world a new forging materials, advanced forging equipment, quality management and forging simulation analysis etc.. The organizing committee arranged three visiting enterprises, namely, Saarschmiede, GmbH, Freiformschmiede, Germany, Buderus, Edelstahl, GmbH, Germany. This session has a total of more than 100 industry reports, in which more than 30 reports submitted by the China Association for forging iron were basically accepted.

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