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According to Russia's "golden Kok daily" reported on April 18, in March of this year, Russia's gross industrial production and last month compared with an increase of 9.1%, and last year compared to the same period fell by 0.5%, the data was better than previously expected. BCS point of view, which means that the Russian economy is gradually stable, the second half of the industrial production and economic trends will show a positive trend.

Deputy head of Russia's Reed wal Moscovici 30 days in the second session of the Sino Russian SME industrial forum said last year Russia bilateral trade volume decline is a temporary phenomenon, Russia welcomed Chinese enterprises to actively invest in Russia.

He said that this year is the 15 anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of good friendship and cooperation between Russia and china. Over the 15 years, bilateral cooperation in various fields has developed steadily, and bilateral trade has increased 10 times. China has become the largest trading partner of Russia. Due to the negative impact of the global economy, in 2015 Russia's bilateral trade volume fell by about 1/3. However, such difficulties are temporary and can be overcome. Russia in the energy, investment, industry and other areas of cooperation is still actively promoting.

By 2020 Russia's bilateral trade volume increased to $200 billion to achieve the goal is quite difficult, but can be completed. To this end, we must actively optimize the trade structure, looking for new growth point of economic cooperation. He said that Russia in the key areas of cooperation, including energy, electronics industry, civil aviation industry, shipbuilding industry, high-speed rail transport, agriculture, satellite navigation and space industry, etc..

 Long Asia manufacture actively adapt to the trend of the times, successfully opened up the Russian market, help the Russian customers solve all the technology in the processing of raw material support.

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